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Training and Education

Because the biofuel market was something almost new for Moldova, all its players needed general and specialized information about the benefits of biomass and how it works at all the levels. This is why, the Energy and Biomass Project delivered specialized training focusing on the needs of the target groups – local leaders, including from the Transnistrian region, boiler and technology suppliers, boiler operators and others. In total, with the support of the Energy and Biomass Project more than 7 000 people received training, 66% of which were women.

For the biomass energy market to be operational, all its components require qualified staff. To satisfy this demand, the vocational schools in Orhei and Cuhurestii de Sus village in Floresti district piloted in the 2015-2016 school year the Energy Crops – a Renewable Energy Source module, while the vocational school no.3 in Chisinau piloted the Solid Biofuel Boilers module. In the first year of piloting, these modules were attended by 75 students.   

The Energy and Biomass Project did not stop there and launched a large-scale educational initiative, because the young people are the ones who in the near future will make decisions about their own or public energy consumption and can become promoters of renewables. This initiative first involved only the 127 schools that shifted to biomass heating. Later, however, it turned into an optional course taught in more than 370 schools to more than 20 thousand 7th to 9th grade students. The module includes training in renewable energy sources, practical activities and on-site visits and the best two students from every school participated in the Energel summer camp.

The summer camp was designed as a premium activity for the students from the 127 localities that installed biomass boilers in their schools. Between 2011 and 2015, 322 students attended the ten-day summer camp organized in beautiful places and had a busy program of entertaining training activities. Those activities achieved their goal – to make the children become promoters of renewable energy and energy efficiency, many of them later involving in voluntary work for organization of public events, such as Sun Da-i Fest, where the stage and musical instruments were powered with solar energy, National Day of Youth in Moldova, or the UN Days in Moldova.

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