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The Energy and Biomass Project started communication from scratch. The project started at a time when nobody knew what biomass was, nobody from the public or the private sectors was using modern biomass technologies, and the biofuel supply market was at an embryonic stage.

Therefore, besides informing the people about the biomass energy and the project activities, the goal of the project was also to:

  • create a positive attitude to biomass energy;
  • increase the number of biomass energy users in the public, private and residential sectors;
  • increase the number of biomass energy promoters.

Due to its integrated communication approach, which besides remote communication also involved interpersonal communication, direct contact with the target groups, mobilization of communities, partnership and support of decision-makers, the Energy and Biomass Project is successful in transmitting that the agricultural waste is a source of income for farmers, that production of solid biomass is a business opportunity and that biomass heating is a source of comfort and savings for the people and an opportunity to increase the country’s energy independence.

For further information contact:

Ina Prisăcaru-Zglavuţă, communication specialist

Tel: 022 83 99 85

Mail: ina.zglavuta@undp.org