Briquette and pellet producers from both banks of the Nistru River learning how to produce good quality biofuel

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Biofuel producers from both banks of the Nistru River participated in a workshop dedicated to biofuel quality on 17 November this year. Briquette and pellet producers discussed about factors insuring top quality biofuel production in the Republic of Moldova, as well as about factors diminishing the quality of the latter. The workshop was organized by the Energy and Biomass Project in Moldova, financed by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program.

Workshop participants learned from the experts in biofuel quality about the minimum requirements for solid biofuels that can be determined as a result of technical analysis (humidity, calorific power, ash, volatile materials, dimensions, hardness, density), as well as of the analysis of chemical elements (C, H, O, S, N, Cl), the last being unavailable on the Moldovan market for the time being.

„We’ve been producing pellets from poplar for over three years now. Since a quality-testing laboratory is missing, the only certificate available on the market of the Republic of Moldova provided by us is the Testing Report. However, biofuel quality testing is vital for both consumers who should know what product they buy and if the latter meets the parameters required for a good operation of the biomass based boiler, and for producers, in order to see how their product positions itself on the quality hierarchic scale, and to set a price that is related to the finished product quality and biomass source used”, stated Alexandru Matrohin, biofuel producer participating in the workshop.
It is worth reminding that in December 2014, the Government approved a resolution by which biofuel producers from the Republic of Moldova are obligated to certify the quality of produced biofuel. The Government Resolution came into effect in January 2015, but it is still impossible to apply it due to the lack of a quality certification laboratory for the briquettes and pellets produced locally.

The Energy and Biomass Project provides assistance in strengthening the biofuel production market. One of the programs launched with European assistance relates to creation of the first biofuel quality-testing laboratory. „The Energy and Biomass Project will purchase modern equipment for testing the quality of solid biofuel (briquettes and pellets) produced in Moldova with European funds. Such equipment is to be procured within the next months, under an international tender”, stated Alexandru Ursul, Energy and Biomass Project Manager.
„The quality of biofuel produced in the Republic of Moldova is crucial for the development of the biomass energy industry, and implicitly of the biofuel production market, which is at an incipient development stage, for the time being”, said Grigore Marian, Head of Laboratory for quality testing of solid biofuel under the Agrarian University, one of the two institutions which currently provide the biofuel producers with briquette pellet quality testing reports.

The workshop participants visited the Laboratory for testing the quality of solid biofuel under the Agrarian University, where they could see the partial quality testing stages for testing briquettes and pellets with the equipment available in the laboratory. The participants also visited a solid biofuel producer and shared their experience, and lessons learned in transforming waste into biofuel.

Energy and Biomass Project II is a three-year project implemented in 2015-2017. The total project budget is 9.41 million Euro provided by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program. For more information about the project, please access the website or our page on Facebook: Energie din Biomasă/Biomass Energy