Operators of biomass boilers can benefit of free professional training

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The Energy and Biomass Project launches a new series of trainings for biomass boilers operators. The trainings will take place at the Center for Excellence in Construction, with the support of the project.  Boiler operators from all communities benefiting of the Energy and Biomass Project can take part in the training courses.

Courses last 4 days (24 hours of theoretical training and 16 hours of practical training). The topics of the courses are:

  • Workplace organization for safe operation of the solid biofuel-based boilers and of solar panels for hot water production
  • Effective management and proper maintenance of the boiler rooms and solar collectors
  • Testing the quality of solid biofuels
  • The role and responsibilities of operators at the workplace (storage of solid biofuels, moisture content assessment, supplying the boiler with biofuel, cleaning the boiler, boiler conservation)

The training will take place between: February 28 – March 3, March 14-17, and April 18-21. Those wishing to enroll in seminars are requested to phone no. 069590737, 069546959. 

The Center for Excellence in Construction is equipped with biomass boilers supplied with two types of biofuel (briquettes and pellets), as well as solar collectors connected to eco heating systems. The Operator Training Center was created in December 2016 at the Center for Excellence in Construction, an institution accredited by the Ministry of Education to provide training in management of biomass-based heating systems and systems producing household hot water from solar energy.

It is worth noting that today, over 200 public institutions in the Republic of Moldova are connected to biomass heating systems and 1000 households are heated with green energy thanks to the support provided by the Energy and Biomass Project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.