The number of beneficiaries and promoters of biomass energy consumption is continuously growing

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The progress of the Energy and Biomass Project in Moldova (PEBM II), during the first semester of 2018, as well as activities scheduled for July 1 – November 22, 2018, were examined today, at the meeting of the PEBM II Board.  According to the Progress report, between January 1 and June 30, 19 biomass-heating systems and 7 solar hot water systems were installed. At the same time, for 10 other heating systems and 10 solar hot water systems, the project documentation was drafted, and these are currently in the active stage of implementation.

The state secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Vitalie Iurcu, outlined the obtained results, mentioning the importance of using renewable energy sources for the Republic of Moldova. „The diversification of energy sources is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, and our goal is to reach and strengthen the position of the Republic of Moldova as a state promoting the use of “green” energy by 2020.  Our state has an enormous potential for the production of energy from renewable sources, and its exploitation under conditions of maximum efficiency, is our goal. It is important to strengthen our efforts and undertake specific actions aimed at enhancing the country’s energy security, by upgrading the infrastructure related to the energy sector, improving energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources, as well as integrating the Republic of Moldova on the European energy market”, Vitalie Iurcu highlighted.

At the same time, the state secretary reiterated that PEBM II is an efficient tool for promoting renewable energy consumption, electricity imports reduction, creation of new jobs in the localities of the Republic of Moldova.

During the meeting, the problems that emerge during the project implementation process were also discussed, among which the low interest of local public authorities and district authorities for the implementation of the biomass heating projects and the low motivation of the heating systems operators due to the low wages.

The Energy and Biomass Project in Moldova (phase II), funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme, was launched in January 2015 and will end in November 2018.  Since its inception, 77 heating systems have been installed to provide heat for 91 institutions in 75 communities, and 10 heating systems and 10 solar hot water systems in 13 communities are under implementation. It is worth mentioning that in the first phase of the project, 140 biomass heating systems were installed, the creation of a market of over 100 local solid biofuel producers was boosted, the elaboration of a technical regulation was supported and, at the same time, over 350 new jobs were created in the 2011-2014 time frame in rural areas.

Source: Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure