The national competition “Renewable Energy Sources” was launched

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Pupils from Moldova are invited to join the Republican Contest “Renewable Energy Sources”. The second edition will take place between 20 February – 20 April (local stage) and 11-12 May (republican stage). The competition can be attended by schools connected to biomass heating systems from the European Funds of the Energy and Biomass Project, as well as pupils from the 7th to 9th grades studying the optional discipline “Renewable Energy Sources”.

At the local competition stage, competitors teams will develop a green energy project that can include: prototypes built by students using natural energy sources, video products, public awareness (group or individual) for awareness raising or information, groups an initiative to promote green culture and develop competencies in intelligent energy production and consumption, and so on. The papers presented at the local stage will be evaluated by a jury within the educational institution based on the criteria contained in the Competition Rules approved by Order of the Minister of Education, Culture and Research (No. 165 of 19.02.2018). The best selected projects (1 for each institution) will be presented at the republican stage.