Biomass Cluster Members from the Republic of Moldova have learned from Czech colleagues how to manage the institution and develop the sector

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Several members of the biomass Cluster from Moldova took part in a training course held by high-level Czech experts in the field of solid biomass, with broad experience in the sector. Among them are the Chairman of the Czech Biomass Association, CZ Biom, Jan Habart, the former minister of Environment, Miloš Kužvart, and the former Head of the Environmental Fund, Petr Stepanek.

During the three-day workshop, attendees discussed about the biofuel sector at the European Union level and the situation in particular countries, including the Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden, the support tools of the solid biofuel sector in these countries, lobbying strategies, clusters and biomass associations financing models, and ensuring the quality of solid biofuels by issuing quality certificates in the ENPlus standard, etc.

Training participants have conducted a mapping of the stakeholders in the development of the biomass market and the existing relationships between them, as well as collaboration opportunities. Biomass was also examined as an example of the circular economy, including by collecting solid municipal waste.

According to Jan Habart, Chairman of CZ Biom, the primary goal of the Cluster is to create partnerships between all stakeholders – private companies, public authorities and research institutes. „Cluster performance is defined by doing today what will generate value tomorrow. That is why the Cluster must shift the emphasis from simple trade to innovation”, said Jan Habart.

The training, organized with the support of the Energy and Biomass Project, was followed by a fact-finding visit to the Czech Republic. 15 members of the Moldovan Biomass Cluster have learned from their Czech colleagues about the business models of the local Cluster and the link between the corporate sector and research and the ways of biofuel market development.

The Moldovan delegation visited several local producers of biomass heating systems, the Agrarian and Technical University, the Ministries of the Environment and Agriculture, the Chambers of Commerce, the Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, etc