12.000 more people will enjoy clean energy

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15 mayoralties have signed memoranda of cooperation for the installation of biomass heating systems and solar collectors in 20 institutions (6 kindergartens benefiting from solar collectors). Starting next winter more than 12,000 people will enjoy clean energy. The investment in new systems will amount to about 700,000 Euros and will be financed from European funds. In turn, communities will come with a total contribution of about 200,000 Euro.

The list of communities that have signed memoranda of cooperation: v. Enichioi (d. Cantemir), v. Taraclia (d. Causeni), v. Tarnova (d. Edinet), v. Falestii Noi (d. Falesti), v. Gvozdova (d. Floreşti), v. Ciuciulea (d. Glodeni), v. Cobani (d. Glodeni), v. Obileni (d. Hincesti), v. Cneazevca (d. Leova), v. Mateuti (d. Rezina), v. Chiscareni (d. Sangerei), v. Sangereii Noi (d. Sângerei), v. Buciumeni (d. Ungheni), v. Busila (d. Ungheni).