Free training courses for operators of the biomass heating plants installed in the framework of the Energy and Biomass Project

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The EU-funded Energy and Biomass Project provides free training courses for operators of biomass heating plants of its 200 beneficiary institutions. The 40-hour courses will be conducted between September and November 2017.

The training courses will take place at the Operators Training Centre established with the support of the Energy and Biomass Project. The centre is equipped with biomass heating plants fuelled by two types of biofuel (briquettes and pellets), as well as with solar collectors connected to green heating systems. “The technologies operate in real time mode, so that operators learn practical issues related to the proper management of the equipment. We have supported the establishment of this centre in order to ensure operators’ access to training after project’s completion”, stated Lina Acălugăriţei, capacity development specialist for the Energy and Biomass Project.

The trainings are carried out by experts and practitioners from renewable energy sector. “The operators are taught how to organise their workplace to secure safe operations of the biomass heating plant, how to efficiently manage the heating system and ensure its maintenance, what actions should be undertaken in case of a system failure and how to check the quality and the compliance of the biofuel, depending on the heating plant. The operators also learn how to properly maintain the solar systems for hot water production”, noted Andrei Binzari, specialist at the Training Centre.

The Operators Training Centre was set up in December 2016 under the Construction Excellence Centre, an institution accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research to provide training on management of biomass heating plants and solar systems meant to produce domestic hot water.

When the biomass heating plant was put into operation, I was concerned about how to handle so many buttons and how to cope with all maintenance steps. Everything that is new scares you at first. The on-site trainings held at the heating plant were very useful for me. But you still face unusual situations throughout the maintenance process. The seminars conducted at the Training Centre helped me find answers to all my questions. And the experience shared by colleagues from other schools and kindergartens, whom I met at the training, was of great help to me”, said Nicolae Enache, operator at the heating plant in the village of Bratuleni, Nisporeni district.

Over 200 public institutions in the Republic of Moldova have been connected to biomass heating systems and 1,000 households are heated by green energy thanks to the support of the Energy and Biomass Project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.

More information about the Operators Training Centre is available here.  

The Energy and Biomass Project, stage II, is a three-year project implemented throughout the period 2015-2017. The Project has a total budget of 9.41 million Euros allocated by the European Union and it is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. It follows up the first stage of the project, implemented in 2011-2014, with a total budget of 14,56 million Euros, provided by the European Union (14 million Euros) and the UNDP (560 000 Euros).

For more details about the Energy and Biomass Project, see website or the Facebook profile.

Video story about the Operators Training Centre is available here.