Web platform to connect biomass energy producers and consumers launched at Bioenergy Forum

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A web platform, www.piata-biomasa.md, dedicated to biomass energy producers and consumers, was launched today at the Bioenergy Forum held under the umbrella of the Moldova Eco-Energetica Week.

The information platform, Energy and Biomass Market, designed jointly by the Energy Efficiency Agency and the Energy and Biomass Project Moldova, funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP, contains information that is useful to biofuel producers and consumers, as well as to the suppliers of briquetting, pelleting and baling equipment, biomass boilers, energy services and other elements of the biofuel market, announced Ion Cozma, the deputy director of the Energy Efficiency Agency. Companies, public institutions and individuals can also post ads for sale/purchase of biomass-related products and services there.

The website also has an electronic computer, which users can use to estimate the capacity of the heating system and the heating costs depending on a number of parameters, such as the surface and height of the building, the thermal insulation or average outside and inside temperature.

With the motto Towards Local Energy Autonomy, the fourth annual Bioenergy Forum addressed the instruments that support the development of the bioenergy market, the opportunities of turning agricultural and household waste into energy, production of biogas and growing of energy crops.

According to Dumitru Bostan, professor at the Technical University of Moldova, if the entire potential of biomass could have been used, it would be enough to cover the energy consumption of the public sector or about half of the consumption of the residential sector. Although, the annual potential of solid biomass in Moldova could vary between 600 and 700 ktep, the 2014 official statistics suggest that the annual consumption of solid biofuel, including firewood, straw bales, pellets and briquettes, was only 237 ktep.

During the Bioenergy Forum the National Bureau of Statistics presented its latest statistical survey of the energy consumption trends in the domestic sector. The main finding of the survey is that about half of the Moldovan households use coal or firewood and individual stoves for heating and, therefore, there is a lot of saving potential in this sector.

According to Reinhard Knipker, CEO MRK, to be energy efficient Moldova has to become independent from gas and oil as the main power sources; put in place a reliable energy supply system; constantly contribute to climate protection; use as much as possible the renewable energy sources, because it still has not exploited their whole potential.  
Another event organized under the umbrella of the Moldova Eco Energetica Week is the Fair of Eco-Responsible Ideas (November 30), Energy Performance of Buildings and Support Mechanisms workshop (December 1) and Moldova Eco-Energetica Awards Gala (December 2).

The Moldova Eco-Energetica Week is organized by the Energy Efficiency Agency, Energy and Biomass Project Moldova and Energy Efficiency Fund at the exhibition center Moldexpo. The event aims to support the most successful initiatives related to efficient energy production and consumption and to the implementation, development and promotion of modern technologies and innovations in the energy efficiency sector.

The general sponsor of the event is Furnizarea Energiei Electrice NORD (FEE Nord SA).
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