Children attending ENERGEL Summer Camp build wind turbines and solar collectors out of used materials

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46 children from different parts of the Republic of Moldova discover renewable energy at ENERGEL Summer School, during 25 June – 5 July. Participants come from those communities which benefitted from the EU-funded Energy and Biomass Project and installed biomass heating systems.    

During ten days, children enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle: they recycle waste, save energy, build mock-ups to produce renewable energy, engage in awareness campaigns (by cleaning up street garbage, urging people to sort waste), debate on green energy.

It’s a great idea to gather young people fond of clean energy and to exchange ideas, to discover new things, to produce together energy from natural sources and, last but not least, to make good friends. We have already collected some ideas for the construction of new eco-prototypes and for activities“, said Daniela Rusu, 13-years old, Energel summer camp participant.

The participants have studied Renewable Energy Course at school and were awarded summer camp tickets as a result of a competition, open for 23 communities beneficiaries of the EU-funded Energy and Biomass Project.

I am happy to see here young people from 23 beneficiary communities of the Energy and Biomass project, who have learned about methods of producing energy out of renewable sources and using it efficiently. The wonderful aspect of this event is that every year it shows that sustainable energy is important for us and the planet. Energel also shows that sustainable energy is fun and that everybody can take part in this process of changing the way we consume energy. Children have a lead role to play in this respect“, said Pirkka Tapiola, EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova.

To note, Energy and Biomass Project launched in 2011 a pilot course on renewables and energy efficiency in schools of its partner communities. In 2013, the Ministry of Education decided to expand the idea and included the course in all schools of the country. 

“At this camp, you are undergoing a transformation process. You learn together how to be responsible citizens for the country and for the planet you live on. I believe that, after this journey to the world of the green energy knowledge, you will become your community’s advocates for a future we all dream about for ourselves and for our children: clean, green, sustainable”, said Dafina Gercheva, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in the Republic of Moldova.

During 2011-2017, over 370 schools joined the educational initiative intended to promote renewable energy, with 21,000 pupils studying the course. The best of them, selected after a competition, were invited to ENERGEL Summer Camp. The five editions of ENERGEL Summer Camp gathered over 400 young people.

The educational initiative is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Energy Efficiency Agency, the Continuing Education Institute and the Republican Center for Children and Youth ”Gutta-Club”.

The Energy and Biomass Project, the second stage, is a three-year project implemented throughout the period 2015-2017. The Project has a total budget of 9.41 million Euros allocated by the European Union and it is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. It follows up the first stage of the project, implemented in 2011-2014, with a total budget of 14.56 million Euros, provided by the European Union (14 million Euros) and the UNDP (560,000 Euros).

For more information about the Energy and Biomass Project, see website or the  Energie din Biomasă Facebook profile.

The event’s photo gallery may be accessed here.

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