Upcoming investments in energy industry announced

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An investment workshop on financial instruments to support sustainable development gave a broader insight to its participants into the investment opportunities and the applicable legislation for doing energy efficiency and renewable energy business. In his opening address, Octavian Calmac, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, said that the joint efforts at central and local levels to develop the energy industry have already echoed in the national statistics. The official saluted the interest of the private sector to take risks and invest in this industry and that of the development partners, which provide financial support and expertise to develop it.

„There is still a lot to be done. A priority are the buildings, which have a lot of potential to improve energy efficiency; the manufacturing sector, which, inherited from the Soviet times, is energy intensive; the transports sector, which can also be improved in terms of energy efficiency”, Mr. Calmac said.

The participants at the event got familiar with the instruments to support production and use of renewable energy sources, which were introduced by the recently approved legislation. One of these instruments is the net energy metering, which allows the domestic electricity producers to sell the excess electricity to the grid at a traditional ceiling price, and the producers with a capacity above 100KW at bidding to determine the price. According to Denis Tumuruc, chief of Department for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, to achieve the 10% target for biofuel consumption in the transports sector investments amounting to around 39 million EUR are required.

Orange Moldova JSC announced the launch of a pilot project for deployment of a street lighting management system in the Hancesti town. They intend to follow a viable business model, which aims to improve the management of the light infrastructure and reduce both energy consumption and costs. The works carried out so far include building of a wireless infrastructure; installation of 60 Led and energy saving bulbs on the light pillars along the streets of the town and connection of two power converters. The project started in December 2016 and will continue through to April 2017.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Government of Poland are going to produce solar thermal energy systems. During the project’s first phase they will produce solar collectors with vacuum tubes for a local company. During the second project phase they will produce 100 solar collectors with vacuum tubes with a total capacity of 1.1 MW for sale. The project will be implemented in the period of March 31, 2017 – March 31, 2018 and the implementation partners are the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova and the Energy Efficiency Agency.

The Ministry of Finance made a presentation of the draft of the tax-budgetary policy for 2017, which provides for VAT exemption for the cars with electric motors and equipment installed in wind farms or photovoltaic power stations. The VAT for biofuel will also be reduced to 8% along the entire value chain.    

Alexandre Darras, project manager for energy sector at the EU Delegation to Moldova, in turn, informed the participants about the ongoing and future EU investments in the sector, among other things to ensure the access to the European energy system, in particular investments in the construction of the Iasi-Ungheni and Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipe, the Fourth Energy Package, projects to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and to improve the electricity interconnections.

The participants also learned about the opportunities of the ESCO contracts in Moldova and the financing instruments of the Energy Efficiency Fund for energy performance contracts, the provisions of the law on energy performance of buildings, energy labeling and its impact on energy consumption. 

The Moldova Eco-Energetica Week is organized by the Energy Efficiency Agency, Energy and Biomass Project Moldova and Energy Efficiency Fund at the exhibition center Moldexpo. The event aims to support the most successful initiatives related to efficient energy production and consumption and to the implementation, development and promotion of modern technologies and innovations in the energy efficiency sector.

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