Other 150 families and microenterprises will receive subsidies from EU funds to buy biomass boilers

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 The EU – UNDP Energy and Biomass Project announces the relaunch of the subsidy program for the purchase of biomass boilers intended for households, micro- and small enterprises. This time the size of the subsidies provided to about 150 beneficiaries will be 1300 Euro and 500 Euro. The applications for subsidies can be submitted to the Energy Efficiency Agency – the program partner, starting May 17. 

The decision to relaunch the subsidy program was made at the latest meeting of the Energy and Biomass Project Board chaired by Octavian Calmac, deputy prime minister and minister of economy. It should be reminded that after the first round of the program started on August 10, 2015 it immediately received over 300 applications from households and microenterprises.

The strong interest in this program demonstrates that people are willing to use energy produced in Moldova, rather than imported. They are looking for a reliable energy source and biomass is the solution”, believes Victor Cotruta, Energy and Biomass Project manager.   

The subsidy size will be 1 300 Euro and 500 Euro and will depend on the technical parameters of the selected boiler:

1.300 Euro

500 Euro

·         for biomass boilers with 85% efficiency or higher

·         at least 36 hours of battery life

·         automated control panel

·         biofuel:  pellets or mixed (briquettes and pellets)

·         for biomass boilers with 75% efficiency or higher

·         at least 6 hours of battery life

·         automated control panel

·         biofuel: briquettes


The new round of the program comes with a lower subsidy for briquette-fired boilers that has been reduced from 700 to 500 Euro, while maintaining the subsidy amount for the pellet-fired boilers. This way we encourage the use of higher efficiency boilers with a greater battery life”, claims Mihail Stratan, the director of the Energy Efficiency Agency.

Other amendments to the subsidy regulation include the requirement that the beneficiaries install the boilers in premises that are placed in service and used properly, as well as the requirement to sign the agreement with the Energy Efficiency Agency within 30 days from the application acceptance date. The regulation is available here.

The subsidy program is intended for individuals residing in Moldova and small and micro enterprises operating in Moldova. The beneficiaries must be owners or co-owners of the real estate/company where the biomass boiler will be installed and the real estate must not be connected to the central heating system.

To benefit from subsidies: 1. Choose a boiler made or assembled in Moldova and the company that will deliver and install it; 2. Submit the application package to the Energy Efficiency Agency; 3. Install the boiler in your home or company premises and receive the subsidy.

The applications may be submitted starting May 17 to the Energy Efficiency Agency: 1 Alecu Ruso str., Chisinau, 10th floor, tel: (22) 499 444 (ext.8); mob.: +373 67430436; email: programe@aee.md.

To be eligible for the subsidy program the boilers must be made or partially assembled in Moldova. They can be purchased from the program accredited companies. The accreditation process is ongoing and open to any company that makes or assembles biomass boilers in Moldova.

The subsidy program for the purchase of biomass boilers intended for households is one of the Energy and Biomass Project activities implemented jointly with the Energy Efficiency Agency. In the period of April 2012 – August 2015 more than 1000 families and microenterprises received subsidies in amount of up to 1300 Euro from EU funds to buy and install biomass boilers. For more information about the program visit www.biomasa.md.

The 2015-2017 Energy and Biomass Project II is a EUR 9.41 mil. project granted by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.

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