Students are Invited to Enroll in New Biofuel Courses

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The biofuel market has experienced a rapid development in recent years and using modern technologies increasingly requires skilled staff, who are missing because the Moldovan vocational education did not cover these sectors until recently. Hundreds of new attractive jobs have been created, including for processing of agricultural biomass and production, installation and operation of biomass boilers.

To address the demand for professionals in the energy sector, the Energy and Biomass Project initiated introduction of the pilot educational module „Energy Plants – a Renewable Energy Source” into the academic program of the vocational school in Orhei and that in the village of Cuhurestii de Sus, Floresti district, and the module “Solid Biofuel Heating Systems” in the vocational school no. 3 in Chisinau.

Besides acquiring theoretical knowledge, students have direct access to modern technologies, as these schools have their own biomass heating systems. In Orhei and Cuhurestii de Sus energy plants – energy willow and acacia – were planted on several hectares, while in the vocational school no.3 in Chisinau a modern laboratory was installed and connected to the biomass heating system, equipped with real-time operating biomass boilers of different technologies. In 2017 over 20 students who are taking the course will be the first full-fledged graduates ready to become “biomass boiler operators”.

During the course of study, the future specialists will go on study visits to biofuel producers, to the institutions connected to biomass heating systems, companies that assemble and produce biomass boilers in Moldova.

The students enrolled in these courses study and go through the entire production cycle, including planting and maintenance of school’s energy plants, processing of biomass on the school’s briquetting line and using the biomass heating system to heat up the school.

Contact details of the admission committee:

  1. Vocational school in Orhei – Profession: Forester, Energy Plants

Tel. 0235 30693

Tel. 235 22200

  1. Vocational school in Cuhurestii de Sus, Floresti – Profession: Forester, Energy Plants

Tel. 0250 57368

  1. Vocational school nr.3 in Chisinau, Profession: Boiler Room Operator / Biomass Boilers

Tel. 022 501097