The SMS Campaign on promoting the Household and Microenterprises Subsidy Program for biomass boilers with 1.300 EURO reimbursement was launched

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An SMS campaign on promoting the Household and Microenterprises Subsidy Program for biomass boilers was launched by the EU-UNDP „Energy and Biomass” Project, in partnership with Moldcell.

Thousands of subscribers from all the regions of the Republic of Moldova will receive during this week information regarding the offer on purchasing biomass boilers with a 1.300 EURO reimbursement from European funds.

„The purpose of this campaign is to inform the population about the program launched by the European Union for the households and microenterprises which want an eco-alternative instead of the gas and coal heating. Those who wish to heat their homes and microenterprises with biomass energy will benefit from modern boilers, which burn pellets and briquettes, with a 1.300 EURO reimbursement of the costs”, stated Alexandru Ursul, Energy and Biomass Project manager.

Those who wish to purchase a biomass boiler will make the following steps: (1) choose a biomass boiler produced or assembled in Republic of Moldova, (2) submit a request at the Energy Efficiency Agency, (3) install the boiler, and then receive the subsidy amount of 1.300 Euro.

The boilers offer and the contact details of the companies registered within the Program are available on the Energy and Biomass Project webpage In total, approximately 600 families/microenterprises will benefit from the advantageous conditions of the program. Up until now, over 300 families submitted the requests to purchase biomass boilers.

The purpose of the Program is to promote the biomass energy in the residential and private sectors and to reduce the energy dependence of the Republic of Moldova. The use of the biomass energy brings economic, social and ecologic benefits: new businesses are launched, new jobs created, the money paid for the fuel remain in the Republic of Moldova, and, an also very important fact, the volume of CO2 emissions are reduced.

Moldcell company was one of the Energy and Biomass Project’s partners in the organization of SUN Da-I Fest, the first solar energy powered concert in the Republic of Moldova, organized on 28 April 2013, in Chisinau. Born in Moldova, Moldcell as part of the community, works for the local people and contributes to the development of the society. The company invested 3 billion lei in the country’s infrastructure and was involved in over 400 social projects.