24 companies have been accredited to provide biomass based boilers at subsidized prices

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24 companies producing and locally assembling biomass based boilers were accredited under the Subsidy Program. Households and enterprises willing to install biomass based heating systems with reimbursement from European funds have access to a varied range of green technologies from Italy, Poland, Greece, Germany, Romania, etc., as well as technologies manufactures by 100% in the Republic of Moldova.

Accreditation is a continuous process. The minimum conditions for accreditation include the following:
• technical production capacity, assembling, delivery, and installation
• lack of debts to the national public budget
• existence of contractual relations with one or several official manufacturers/dealers of similar equipment from abroad

Eligibility criteria for the equipment purchased under the Program:
• Only procurement of new equipment corresponding to technical parameters eligible for participation in the Program is accepted
• Only equipment locally assembled and/or supplied by accredited suppliers or enterprises which meet the conditions provided for in this Regulation is accepted