The sun, wind and water – allies of the Moldovan young eco inventors

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They „tamed” the sun, wind and water and learned to turn things that end up in the garbage into eco inventions. In recent years, dozens of Moldovan young people developed systems that offer cheap and effective solutions to environmental problems, thanks to the educational initiatives launched by the EU-funded Energy and Biomass Project, and implemented by UNDP.
Bus stations can be illuminated with the help of sunlight
Andrei and Madalina Jitari are cousins, study in the same class and, for some time, they share the same passion for renewable energy sources. In their free time the teenagers, who are now in the 9th grade, built the model of an eco-bus stop, well-lit by solar energy. The idea was born out of the problem faced by the people in their village – Falestii-Noi, Falesti district. None of the three bus stops is …

The number of beneficiaries and promoters of biomass energy consumption is continuously growing

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The progress of the Energy and Biomass Project in Moldova (PEBM II), during the first semester of 2018, as well as activities scheduled for July 1 – November 22, 2018, were examined today, at the meeting of the PEBM II Board.  According to the Progress report, between January 1 and June 30, 19 biomass-heating systems and 7 solar hot water systems were installed. At the same time, for 10 other heating systems and 10 solar hot water systems, the project documentation was drafted, and these are currently in the active stage of implementation.
The state secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Vitalie Iurcu, outlined the obtained results, mentioning the importance of using renewable energy sources for the Republic of Moldova. „The diversification of energy sources is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, and our …

ENERGEL summer school grows ambassadors of eco technologies

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51 young people from the Republic of Moldova decided to spend their summer vacation at … school. From 2 to 11 July they will discover the secrets of renewable energy at ENERGEL summer school, which takes place this year in Slobozia-Dusca village, Criuleni district and reunites pupils who participated in the Republican Competition “Renewable Energy Sources”. The seventh edition of the initiative is organised by the Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Wind turbines made of used plastic, solar collectors made of mirrors, eco irrigation systems replaced the cell phones and other gadgets used by the youth. The participants in the summer school develop technologies to produce energy from objects which too often are just thrown away as junk. “I wish my model became a real technology in …

Solar and biomass energy replaced old fireplaces in kindergarten “Izvorasul” in Chetrosu village

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Children and educators of the kindergarten “Izvorasul” in Chetrosu village, Drochia district said “good bye” to old fireplaces that were burning their money and still kept them cold.
Since the last spring the kindergarten switched to a biomass heating system and hot water produced by solar energy. The investment of apr. 67,000 EUR was made possible thanks to the assistance provided by the European Union under the Moldova Energy and Biomass Project. The new technology will produce hot water and will heat all the rooms of the kindergarten for 136 children and educators.
Children were freezing in the morning, and the water was ice cold
The building of the kindergarten “Izvorasul” was built in the 1970’s and due to insufficient resources, it was closed for many years. The Town Hall reopened the kindergarten 16 years ago. The old heating system was not …