199,000 people have access to affordable and clean energy, produced in Republic of Moldova with the support of European Union

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Energy and Biomass Project concludes its activity after a 7 years mandate
199,000 people benefit from affordable and clean energy, produced in the Republic of Moldova. This is the main effect of the Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, financed by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). During 2011-2018, 265 schools, kindergartens, community facilities and hospitals switched from heating on coal and gas to biomass energy. 70 of these institutions have gained access to hot water produced by solar energy.
“Moldova Energy and Biomass Project is a success story which demonstrates once again how the support from the EU creates new opportunities and better life for citizens of the country. For more than 7 years now, the EU has been putting a lot of ‘Energy’ in the development of the biomass sector in the Republic of …

Proiectul Energie şi Biomasă îşi încheie activitatea după un mandat de 7 ani

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CE: Evenimentul de încheiere a activităţii Proiectului Energie şi Biomasă, finanţat de Uniunea Europeană şi implementat de Programul Naţiunilor Unite pentru Dezvoltare.
Cu un mandat de 7 ani, realizat în două etape, Proiectul Energie şi Biomasă a stimulat crearea unei noi industrii: cea a energiei din biomasă. În prezent, 199.000 de oameni au acces la energie sigură, curată, produsă în Republica Moldova datorită asistenţei Uniunii Europene. Peste 70 de afaceri de producere a biocombustibilului asigură instituţiile publice şi gospodăriile casnice cu energie verde. 456 de şcoli au devenit parte a iniţiativei educaţionale de promovare a energiei regenerabile şi eficienţei energetice, peste 25.000 de elevi studiind acest curs în şcoli. Acestea …

European support: Energy from biomass brings warmth and comfort to the school of Mosana village, Donduseni

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The cold in the classrooms and the hallways will remain a memory for the students and teachers in the Mosana school, Donduseni district. Starting this autumn, the institution gave up the old heating system in favour of a new modern biomass power plant, that will provide eco-friendly heat at fair prices. The new environment-friendly technologies have been installed with the support of the European Union, within the framework of the Energy and Biomass Project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.
In the school of Mosana, a locality densely populated by Ukrainian ethnics, 150 children are studying, 20 of them coming by bus from three neighbouring localities where there are no educational institutions.
The school building was built in the 60’s of the last century and the heating system was its weak spot. The boilers were breaking down a lot, repairs were …