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About Energy and Biomass Cluster


The mission of the cluster is to link businesses, research organizations, universities and public administration in order to enhance cooperation, stimulate innovation, spread knowledge in the field of the biomass.

Objectives of the Cluster

  • joint development of a coherent strategy for the development of the biomass sector
  • promoting the production, recovery and use of biomass as a renewable energy resource, develop the biomass value chain
  • developing services and products of the cluster
  • participation and / or initiation of RDI projects
  • develop a coherent cluster policy by:
  • Joint participation in national and international forums (conferences, fairs and exhibitions, economic events)
  • Joint participation in national and international projects
  • development of national and international economic relations
  • develop a common brand of cluster
  • monitoring funding programs, facilitate project development
  • collaboration with organizations, clusters in the country and abroad with the aim of developing international cooperation network
  • development of smart solutions in the field
  • developing legislative proposals on optimization of the sectoral policies;
  • legislation awareness among members
  • awareness about the circular economy and the social economy as opportunities to develop the sector
  • training of managers and employees
  • development of projects / programs for youth in order to specialize in the field of biomass (create hubs, etc.)
  • attracting funds for cluster management



Management team


Vladimir BRAGARU – President, President of the BioENergetica Association of Solid Biofuel Producers, phone: +37368770076, e-mail: v.bragaru@mail.ru

Valentin Amariei – Vice-president, Vice-rector of the Technical University of Moldova, phone: +37369554959, e-mail: valentin.amariei@adm.utm.md

Iuliana Cantaragiu – Vice-president, Co-founder of the National Environment Centre, phone: +37379812714, e-mail: iulianac@gmail.com

Anatolii Sandu – Vice-president, Vice-director of the Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection under the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, phone: +37367677707, e-mail: atsandu@outlook.com

Tatiana Eremciuc –  Vice-president,  Representative of the Organisation for SME Sector Development (ODIMM), phone: +37369152616, e-mail: tatiana.eremciuc@odimm.md




Working groups


  • Business development, market formation, value chain formation
  • Research-development-innovation
  • Human resource education and training
  • Internationalization
  • Communication and marketing